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The Landing's debut Album, We Are, is launching May 13 2014 (5.13.14) The track listing is as follows; 1. We Are, 2. Anxieties, 3. Pale Blue, 4. Strange Charm, 5. Write it Down
See The Landing Live May 21 2014 (5.22.14) at Cameo Gallery (New York).
The Landing is an artist seeking to turn the personal struggle of finding one’s place in the Universe, into an anthem for the optimistic. This is an act of creation and discovery, a response to the quickening pace at which we are uncovering the secrets of the Cosmos, our place within it and its place within us. We are the divine verb of the Universe. We are the manifestation of cosmic energy given enough time to evolve into a form of matter so complex as to recognize itself as such. Before Abraham, We Are.